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Brett and Kim
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I am one of the fortunate few who married my very bestfriend! Brett and I started dating when I was a sophmore in highschool, and have been together ever since! So I don't know life without Brett in it, and I wouldn't want to. He has given me so many wonderful things over our 14 years together. However the most precious are our children. I am making this blog for them. One day hopefully they will be able to get some of the joy back they have given to me by reading this!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Day Nine

Day nine of radiation is done. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Thought we could beat the rain...

But we were wrong!!! Two of them LOVED getting caught in the rain.  One did not!! One guess which one wasn't digging it!! 

Just like Jeremiah


Knowing his hair will fall out with chemo - kelly requested that after his second head surgery (shunt) that his head be shaved. The child services we able to do that for her while he was sedated. So to match - Ben came over and had me shave his head. Proud members of the bald club. 
Before .... 
And after his buzz! 


Gtube and Central Line

Miah's G-Tube and central line went in today. Kelly just text me this pictures! It's Saturday which means NO RADIATION today. It's going to be a good day!! 


On June 27th we learned that Jeremiah had a tumor in the 4th ventricle of the brain. He was rushed in for emergency brain surgery. From following MRIs we learned that he does in fact have cancer which has spread down his spine. Medulloblastoma -

As of today, he has had seven radiation treatments. Cancer is perhaps the scariest thing I have ever encountered. I long for a day when the people I love most aren't crying on a daily basis. I have stood by kelly and witnessed things that make me thankful for God's provisions for us. And being being totally real.... Also cry out in anger to be over this horrible disease and the things this poor babies body is having to go through. Please continue to join us in praying for healing! God is bigger than cancer - and so is our faith!! 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Getting Caught Up!

I can not believe it has been so long since I was on my blog. Looking back through the pictures and stories I now remember why I love to blog! I can not believe how big my babies have gotten!! I know I will miss things but do want to do a small catch up. We are doing *wonderful*. I will graduate with my masters in December.... I am pretty sure this will fall on my top 10 list of best days ever. I am still teaching Life Skills at Colwich and adore my students! I will be honest that managing adults has never been my dream because quite simply I am no good at it! =) However, each year I feel as though I get my feet under me a little better in that area.

Curt is in 2nd grade at St. Marks and will be tested this school year for the Gifted Program. He wants to be a paleontologist and a "bucking bull rider" when he gets older.

Cadie is in girl scouts and loves everything barbie. She is also in piano! She is in Kindergarten at St. Marks.

Callie is a doll. She has an opinion and a temperament like no ones business BUT can also be the most loving little lady I have ever met. I get a lot of "mommy I love you so much" after getting home from work. Gluten-Free life has become simple and simply part of what we do!!

Brett and I will celebrate our 11th Wedding Anniversary next week. I love him to the moon and back and could not imagine life without him!!

We had a huge heartbreak the first of March. On March 1st my father-in-law passed away very unexpectedly. Watching my husband deal with this as a son and a father has been the saddest thing I have ever had to do. I keep hoping that our new normal will set in soon.... but we aren't there yet.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Homework and Gluten 😔

Two more semesters is all I have of my masters..... but days like today I question if I can actually do it. On top of two masters classes I am competing my intervener training through Utah State University. I did not realize the work load which accompanied this or I would have waited until my masters was complete. I hate feeling overwhelmed and simply need a break. I will have a para out most of the week coming up - to add to the work/stress load. 

I was afraid yesterday that Callie got gluten at the football game... And today I am sure. Most of the evening and today she has simply cried (some screaming) and wanted her tummy rubbed. Some days living gfree is easier than others. 

Brett could tell this evening I was spent (after hours doing action research) and bathed the girls and is now gone grocery shopping for the week. I sure do love that man - I will rest my soul and pray for time management guidance and try again tomorrow!